Martin Treptow

Another quote in Ronald Reagan’s speech was from Martin Treptow .  His quote was:

“America must win this war. Therefore, I will work; I will save; I will sacrifice; I will endure; I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.”


I’ve fond it difficult to find who exactly Martin Treptow was.  With my searching, I have found his name only associated with Ronald Reagan’s speech.  What I do know is that he was a soldier fighting in World War I when he wrote this quote.  There is not much documented about him, but I did find a article about his grave.  He was born in 1894 and died at age 24 in France, July 28, 1928.  Martin Treptow was a barber before enlisting in the Iowa National Guard when he was sent to fight in World War I.  He died while while delivering a message under bullet fire.  When Treptow’s personal items were found, he was carrying a journal with this quote on it.  Treptow wasn’t writing to be noticed.  He wasn’t writing for glamour or glory.  He was writing from his heart as a true American who believed in his country and in himself.  He was a hero.


Reagan uses his words that were forgotten and left in the past to show the patriotism of a true American spirit.  Talking about Martin Treptow is how Reagan closes his speech.  He says that Treptow made the sacrifice that so many Americans do not have to make, but that to escape his crisis it will take the effort and determination of Martin Treptow.  He says that it takes the willingness to believe in yourselves and to believe in your country.  For every American to fight there struggles as if solving their struggles would save the country on their own.



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